Staff Experience and Stability

Our programs experience industry low staff turnover. At the direct support level, the average staff has been with Wholistic for over two years. The QIDP/House managers average five years, and the senior management averages ten years with our company. New staff members are almost exclusively recruited through word of mouth based on known reputation. This organizational experience and stability extends to our clinical teams as well, and it ensures that the high quality of services and support is consistent and reliable.

A Knowledgeable, Stable, Hands-On Management Team

The management staff of Wholistic Services, Inc. is a dedicated group of professionals who have many years of direct hands-on experience in providing clinical and life skill supports. Upper management can be found regularly in the programs, and a strong system of internal oversight is in place and evident. House managers, nurses and QIDP staff are held accountable for their performance and leadership in providing safe and effective community services.

History of Responsible Expansion

Wholistic Services, Inc. has expanded gradually and responsibly over the past 20 years, ensuring that senior level staff has always been available to support the development of new services and settings. We have considerable experience in transitioning people who require intensive or pervasive supports and who may be very sensitive and vulnerable to change.

Experience with Vulnerable People

For over two decades, Wholistic Services, Inc. has served people with intense medical, behavioral and physical needs. Two of the eight homes currently run by Wholistic (Bunker Hill and Perry Street) serve medically fragile people and provide skilled levels of nursing on a 24 hour basis. The oversight history for those Wholistic programs confirms that the high quality services and supports provided are reliable and consistent.

Reputation for Quality Services and Supports

Wholistic Services, Inc. has a long record in the District for providing reliable, competent and caring service to the people we serve. We provide effective transitioning, service planning, coordination of care, community integration and program implementation for many people who face complex challenges. Wholistic has a history of maintaining high levels of compliance with federal and local regulations and policies, as well as a reputation of responsiveness to oversight agencies when concerns are identified.

Protection of Safety, Health and Human Rights

In over 20 years of providing services to the District’s most vulnerable adult citizens, our strong management oversight and dedicated seasoned staff ensure that Wholistic reports and thoroughly investigates all incidents, and problem situations are remedied in a timely manner.