Residential Habilitation Services

Residential Habilitation Services consist of supports provided in a home, shared by at least four (4), but no more than six (6) persons, for persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Supports are designed to assist each person in acquiring, retaining, and improving self-care, daily living, adaptive and other skills needed to reside successfully as part of their community. Residential Habilitation Services provided by Wholistic Services Inc. include support for people with a demonstrated need for continuous training, assistance and up to 24 hours of staff supervision. Residential Habilitation Services are provided in accordance with each person’s approved Individual Support Plan (ISP) and Plan of Care.

Supported Living

Supported Living Services are provided to persons enrolled in the Home & Community Based Waiver program who require specified formal and informal supports and have an assessed need for assistance with acquisition, retention, or improvement of skills related to activities of daily living.Wholistic Services Inc. Supported Living services include assistance with the development of social and adaptive skills that are necessary to enable the person to reside in the community and successfully participate in community activities.  The services also include habilitation, transportation training, community exposure and inclusion support, nursing, nutrition services and up to 24 hours supervision 7 days a week. We also provide occupational, physical, behavioral and speech therapies to persons on an as needed basis.

Day Services

Wholistic Services, Inc. offers day programs aimed at developing activities and skill acquisition to support or further integrate community opportunities for a person outside of his/her home. These supports aim to foster independence, autonomy or career exploration and encourage development of a fulfilled life within the person’s community. Services are person centered and based on likes, dislikes, interests and aptitude of the person being supported. Services also include recommendations by the person’s Support Team, Individual Support Plan (ISP), Plan of Care, and Summary of Supports. Day Services offered include:

A. Day Habilitation
Wholistic Day Services Inc offers Day Habilitation services to persons who reside in natural homes or Home & Community based waiver funded residential settings. The services are provided in the most integrated, inclusive setting allowing for as much meaningful interaction with non-disabled persons as practicable. Services are delivered consistent with the interest, strengths, needs and preferences of the person being supported. Day services may be provided up to eight hours a day and may be facility or community-based.

B. Supported Employment
Wholistic Day Services Inc. offers a choice of supported employment models designed to achieve successful, inclusive employment consistent with the person’s goals, wishes and desires. 

C. Active Treatment
Wholistic Day Services Inc. offers Active Treatment services to persons who reside in Intermediate Care Facilities. Services are provided pursuant to ICF regulations and conditions of participation in furtherance of skill acquisitions with respect to activities of daily living, money management, medication administration and community engagement.

D. Individualized Day Services (IDS)
Wholistic Day Services Inc. offers Individualized day services (IDS) through the Home and Community based waiver program. The IDS service allows for the customization of each day based on the persons interest as determined through the person-centered thinking process. IDS is generally staffed at a maximum ratio of 1 staff to 2 person served ratio that allows for more meaningful engagement with specific focus on the persons and their interests. Flexibility of service is an integral component of the success of the IDS program. As such, IDS can be delivered at any time throughout the day and in increments that other day service programs historically have not had the flexibility to implement. Many of the most behaviorally complex persons thrive in this uniquely individualized setting.

E. Small Group Day Habilitation

Behavioral Supports

Behavioral Support Services are designed to assist persons who exhibit behavior that is extremely challenging and frequently complicated by medical or mental health factors. Wholistic Services, Inc. provides positive behavior support strategies based on the person’s Diagnostic Assessment Report,  and/or psychological assessment as part of a Behavior Support Plan (BSP). We provide counseling and consultation services for the person and their support team. The coordination of the delivery of Behavioral Support Services can be part the person’s residential and/or day services settings. 

Nutrition/Wellness Services

Wholistic Services Inc. Nutrition/Wellness services are supplied by licensed personnel who design and monitor programs to teach, promote and maintain good health. These services assist in increasing the person’s independence, participation, emotional well-being, and productivity in their home, work, and community.  Nutrition Services are provided to persons in their home settings and are provided in accordance with the person’s Individual Support Plan (ISP) and Plan of Care.


Wholistic Services, Inc is also an operator of Intermediate Care Facilities for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Each one of our ICF’s are community based and serve from 4 to 6 persons.  ICF services are geared towards providing supports for people with more medically complex issues.  As such, many of the people we support have high acuities to include g-tube, J-tube and other chronic health issues. People who reside in ICF’s receive the entire spectrum of allied health supports to include Nutrition, Speech, OT/PT, Recreation, Social Work, Nursing/Medical and Psychological Services.

Speech and Language Therapy

Physical Therapy

Companion Services