What type of services do you provide?
We provide supportive services based on your specific needs. These services include but are not limited to residential and day, psychiatric, psychological, speech, nutrition, recreation, social, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing/medical, self-help, active treatment, vocational and employment.

How do I receive services from Wholistic Services?
We provide services to adults who have been deemed eligible by the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) of the District of Columbia.

How do I become eligible for DDS services?
Contact DDS at (202) 730-1700 to schedule an appointment with the intake division. They will require specific information; however, if you have Intellectual Disability, are over the age of 21, and are a resident of DC, you should qualify. Once you have been qualified, you will be presented with information on various companies certified to provide the appropriate services. You and your team make the final decision of who is the best match. 

How do you ensure safety and the prevention of harm for persons in your care?
We believe that on-going training as well as open and transparent environment are the best ways to prevent harm to the people we serve. Staff needs to be equipped with the skill sets to do the job required. In addition, management should create a milieu in which people feel comfortable discussing the challenges that exist in successfully completing their job.

How do you ensure federal and local standards are met?
We have an internal quality assurance program that focuses on meeting federal and local guidelines. Through monthly and quarterly unannounced review of records, observation of staff, and participant interactions, we are able to exceed the regulatory standard.

Do you offer your services outside of DC?
No. However, we are planning to expand to Maryland and Virginia in the near future.